Historians establish on the basis of analysis of evidences that this place was under the king of Videh during Vaidic age. During the Aryan period a schedule tribe Vaman King Chero ruled the place. The rulers of that time were fond of making temple and other religious supports. It is one of the reasons that there are so many temples and others religious places in this region. Some significant temples and religious supports within the district are as:- Durga’s temple of Thawe, Fort of Manjha, Vaman Gandey Pond of Dighwa Dubauli, Fort of King Malkhan of Sirisia, Kuchaikote etc. People of Gopalganj were always be in lime light because of national and social cause which comprises the struggle for freedom, J. P. movement, movement for women education, movement against non payment of tax and prohibition of 1930 under the leadership of Babu Ganga Vishnu Rai and Babu Sunder Lal of Bankatta. In 1935 Pandit Bhopal Pandey gave his life for the freedom of the country. People of Gopalganj are indebted to the freedom fighters to who gave their lives for motherland. During Mahabharat age this region was under the King Bhuri Sarwa. During 13th Century and 16th Century the place was ruled by Sultan of Bengal Gayasuddin Abbas and Babar.