Pradhanmantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (DIP)

Heading Description
Soil Mainly Clay soil, Sandy Soil, Alluvial Soil and Gangatic Soil are found in this district which are good for agriculture.
Irrigation Planned irrigational facilities within the district are not sufficient. There are mainly two sources of irrigation systems. One is Gandak Canal and others is government tube well. Gandak Canal has two Divisions. One is the Saran Canal Division Gopalganj and second is the Saran Canal Division Bhorey. The total net irrigated areas is 98,352.64 hqr. These two irrigational systems covers less than 45% of the total cultivable land area of district. Farmers depend either upon monsoon or private irrigational system i.e. Hand pump, Boring, Local water storage or on Ponds for irrigation of there fields.
Crops All types of food grains and crops are found in this region as Wheat, Paddy, Grams, Arahar, Maize, Sarso, Tishi, Potato, Sugarcane etc. But Wheat, Paddy, Maize and Green Vegetables are the main crops of the district.
Flora Gopalganj falls under greenbelt area. Roughly all types of trees and plants are found in the district namely Babbul, Neem, Shisham, Mango, Sagwan, Katahal, Sal, Shakhuwa, Peepal, Bargad etc.
Rainfall Gopalganj is situated in the region of good rain fall. Manson touches the district normally in the second half of June and showers the district up to September. Good rain falls are the main reason for agriculture. The average rain fall in the district is 1009 mm.

List of Beneficiaries under CMHM and PMKSY in the financial year 2016-17