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Gopalganj, which till 1875 was only a tiny hamlet, was made a subdivision of the old Saran district in the same year. It became an independent district on October 2, 1973.The district headquarters are located in the town of Gopalganj. The Gopalganj District is located on the West –North corner of the Bihar State. Geographically it is located between 83.54° – 85.56° latitude and 26.12° – 26.39°North longitude. It is bounded on East by Champaran and river Gandak, on the South by Siwan District and on the North West Deoria District of Uttar Pradesh.The river Gandak supported by tributaries like Jharahi, Khanwa, Daha, Dhanahi etc give a big status of river. Due to this land of District is fertile and alluvial. Because of this river the District is good in cultivation and irrigation. The river imparts prosperity to the people and play an important role in making the District significant and unique. River Gandak by depositing the top quality of soil bringing from the Nepal, play an important role in the economy of the District.

“Gopalganj is one of district of Bihar in India. There are 14 Taluks, 1534 villages and 5 towns in Gopalganj district. As per the Census India 2011, Gopalganj district has 413044 households, population of 2562012 of which 1267666 are males and 1294346 are female. The population of children between age 0-6 is 449530 which is 17.55% of total population. The sex-ratio of Gopalganj district is around 1021 compared to 918 which is average of Bihar state. The literacy rate of Gopalganj district is 53.98% out of which 62.63% males are literate and 45.51% females are literate. The total area of Gopalganj is 2033 with population density of 1260 per out of total population, 6.35% of population lives in Urban area and 93.65% lives in Rural area. There are 12.49% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 2.37% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Gopalganj district.
1.  Gopalganj ranks 21st in terms of population (25,62,012) and 26th in terms of area (2,033 in the state of Bihar.
2.  In terms of population per Gopalganj is the 13th densely populated district in the state with 1,260 persons per as against the state’s 1,106.
3. Gopalganj ranks 1st in terms of sex-ratio (1,021) against the state’s 918.
4. Gopalganj ranks 6th in terms of child sex-ratio (954) against state’s 935.
5. There are 139 uninhabited villages (out of 1,534 total villages) in the district of Gopalganj.
6. Dighwa (under Baikuntpur C.D. Block) is the most populated village (21,100) and Rini Math (under Bhorey C.D. Block) is the least populated villages (1) in the district
7. C.D. Block Kuchaikote has the highest number of villages (222) in the district and C.D. Sidhwalia has the lowest number of villages (50).
8. Rampur Tengrahi (under Gopalganj C.D. Block) has the largest area (2,428 hectare) and Man urf Basant Chhapra (under Baikunthpur C.D. Block) has the smallest area (2 hectare) ”

“Gopalganj, which till 1875 was only a tiny hamlet, was made a subdivision of the old Saran district in the same year. It became an independent district on October 2, 1973.
The old Saran district included the present districts of Saran, Siwan and Gopalganj

Gopalganj is an administrative district in the state of Bihar in India. The district headquarters are located in the town of Gopalganj, and the district is a part of Saran Division.

Gopalganj is an important agricultural center in North Bihar. Being an important district in the region, it has several secondary and tertiary industries based on agriculture, such as cold-storages.
Gopalganj is well suited for Sugarcane production.

Gopalganj Market is mainly known for Sugarcane, Pulses, Agriculture, Grains Trading. Gopalganj Districtis known for its advances in horticulture. Gopalganj is one of the largest sugarcane growing district in India.

Gopalganj is also growing up as a premier educational place with many colleges in the field of computer science. Modern Gopalganj is now boasts of vast industrial area, educational institutes and good hospitals. The city is well developed with good roads, shopping centres, residential areas, with good infrastructure in communication and transport.
Culture of Gopalganj
Language Bhojpuri is the local language. People speak in Hindi also.
Fairs and festivals
Four main fairs are held in the district which attract a number of devotees not only from within the district but also from the rest of the state. These are: the Shri Rama Navami,Holi fair at Gopalganj town, held during the Hindu month of Kartik; the Navaratri-Mahalaxmi fair at Gopalganj town during Navaratri (October-November); Dasara and Deepawali etc..,
Cuisine of Gopalganj
Food The staple food of the people is wheat and rice.
Places of interest in Gopalganj
A village situated 6-kms south of Gopalganj, is a junction station of the Northeastern Railway of the Masrakh -Thawe section and the Siwan- Gorakhpur loop-line. In the village there are remains of an old fort but the history of the fort is obscure. The King of Hathwa had a palace there but it is now in decadent state. Close by the residence of the Hathwa Raja there is an old temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. Within the enclosure of the temple there is a peculiar tree, the botanical family of which has not yet been identified. The tree has grown up like the cross. Various legends are prevalent in connection with the idol and the tree. Food for jackals is still offered in the nearby jungle and a big fair is annually held in the month of Chaitra (March -April).

The length with UP Border of Gopalganj district is approx. 104 KMs. The inter district length is approx. 78 KMs.

The rivers passing through the district and their length are as:

Sl. No. River Name Area in Square KMs
1 Ghoghri Nadi 0.18568101315
2 Gandaki Nadi 0.31546760499
3 Jamuhar Nadi 0.24297045215
4 Sona Nala 0.35032165784
5 Saran Nadi 0.81950813665
6 Basi Nadi 0.79736753204
7 Jharahi River 0.35097000957
8 Narayani Nadi 0.19150607683
9 Daha or Sandi Nadi 1.07473392898
10 Khanua Nadi 0.72723029355
11 Khokhi Nadi 0.04704663762
12 Dhamai Nadi 0.05228302914
13 Jharahi Nadi 0.25157447815
14 GANDAK 60.54047630120